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Purify - The Complete Whole-Body Organic Parasite Cleanse

Detoxify - How can you experience vibrant health... If your liver & kidneys are overworked or stressed?

Superior Digestion + Intestinal Tract Support

Digestion Enzymes & Herbal Blend
Premium-Strength Vegetarian Formulation

Expertly formulated with expanded potency, it delivers enzymatic digestion and absorption support optimizing essential nutrient liberation and assimilation into the body. Eighteen vegetarian digestive enzymes flanked by heat generating nutrients and digestion supporting herbs ensure optimal intestinal efficiency for better health.

Digestive Enzyme™
Premium Strength Intestinal Support

MSRP: $37.95

Supports Healthy Nutrient Absorption
The Complete Digestive Aid

3x Stronger Than Common Digestion Enzymes

Each bottle contains 90 Veg Capsules

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Ultimate Digestive Enzyme™ Supports:

  • Maximum Digestive Comfort and Food Freedom.
  • Ultimate High Potency Digestive Enzymes are 3X stronger than common enzymes and provide 100% intestinal pH coverage. You will not find a stronger, more effective digestive enzyme on the market, period!
  • 100% Intestinal Full-Spectrum Coverage.
  • 100% pH Coverage.
  • Helps Breakdown Food.
  • Quickly Breakdown Nutrients.
  • Restore Digestive Balance.
  • Replenish Digestive Enzymes.
  • Quickly Breakdown Nutrients.
  • Maximum Potency.
  • Maximum Absorption.
  • Maximum Digestive Comfort.
  • Maximum Help with Bloating & Upset Stomachs. †


Ultimate High Potency Digestive Enzymes are 3X stronger than common enzymes and provide 100% intestinal pH coverage. You will not find a stronger, more effective digestive enzyme on the market, period!

Have you ever dealt with a bloated or upset stomach? It may be because your body is low on enzymes. As you age, your body’s enzymatic production starts to drop and digestive issues increase. Silver Fern’s high potency digestive enzymes are specially formulated to ensure that your body can break down those difficult-digest meals. You may find your favorite foods, that you couldn’t stomach before, will be back on the menu.


--- In our late 20’s the number of enzymes we produce starts to drop, and by age 30 we can become quite deficient in digestive enzymes.

--- As your enzyme levels drop, digestion is replaced with bloating and discomfort.

--- Your body does not naturally produce the enzyme needed to digest plant-based foods.

--- Proper digestion of food unlocks vital nutrients for your body and keeps you from overeating.


POTENCY - The effectiveness of a digestive enzyme is measured by its enzyme activity or potency. The higher the potency, the more efficient the enzyme will be at breaking down food for digestion. A large number of low potency enzymes will never perform as well as a small amount of high potency enzymes. Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Digestive Enzyme will maximize your digestive comfort because it is one of the highest potency you can find.

SPECTRUM - Most enzyme products fail to work through the entire 20-foot length of your intestines because of the wide pH spectrum. Your intestinal pH varies between a massive logarithmic scale of 1.0 to 8.0 through its length, and most enzymes only function within a small pH range. Silver Fern’s enzyme blend functions in all the pH regions of your small intestines and ensures improved digestion throughout your entire digestive tract.

Ultimate Digestive Enzyme™ is expertly formulated to offer enzymatic support for more complete digestion of foods‚ nutrient absorption and assimilation by the body.

Want To Fully Maximize Your Digestion?

The Complete Health - Nutritional Programs

30 Day Supply

$82.90 MSRP
$69.90 Combo Kit Discount Price
Supports: Healthy Digestion, Healthy Metabolism, Healthy Colon, Healthy Gut Microflora, Healthy Inflammatory Responses, Healthy Immune Function, Healthy Digestive Processes, Balanced Intestinal Tract.

1 x Digestion - Superior Enzyme Blend.
(Digestion + Intestinal Tract Support)

1 x Probiotic - Superfruit-Based Probiotic.
(45 Billion Probiotics / Serving)

30-Day Essential Digestion Support.

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