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Purify - The Complete Whole-Body Organic Parasite Cleanse

Detoxify - How can you experience vibrant health... If your liver & kidneys are overworked or stressed?

Simply the best natural yeast control program on the market

30-Day Heart & Cardiovascular Program

Professional Strength -- Immediate Sinus & Respiratory Relief

Quick & Effective Natural + Powerful Head & Body Discomfort Relief

Jasmin Aromatique - The World's Most Organic Luxurious Skin Care Products

Koala Baby - USDA Certified Organic Sensitive Skin Care Products

SLIMG - The Only All-Natural Remedy for the Modern Top 3 Health Epidemics


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We take your health as seriously as you do. We also share in your interest to identify the best natural self-care products, and understand your concerns about safety and purity. Vibrant health can be achieved through the knowledge and power of an informed consumer, and we’re doing something about it through our comprehensive line of premium-quality herbal dietary supplements.

It's hard to imagine that our health has degraded so much in what we call the age of technology. Through modern medicine and advanced scientific technologies, this is a time when we are supposed to have all the tools necessary to stay healthy, but in reality, the health of the western world is deteriorating. We may be living longer, but we are not living healthier. In fact, the quality of life for the average North American over the age of 45 has decreased significantly in the last 10 years. According to the World Health Organization, the United States spends more money than any other nation in the world on health care; yet 36 other nations are ranked higher than it in terms of quality of health.

America's rediscovery of the healing-assisting power of plants marks a return to an ancient form of medicine that was medicine since the beginning of mankind--and that remains so for 80% of the world's people. For thousands of years people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of natural remedies. But just like many other health conscious people, you may have avoided these alternative products because their medicinal benefits were never fully proven, or rather they just didn't measure up to accepted high standards of safety, purity and effectiveness. Now, the myth vs. fact barrier has been broken with exciting new dietary supplements that deliver the traditional benefits you desire.

Herbology as an ancient science has been tried and proven throughout time. However it has only been recently that the North American culture has returned to their roots to utilize this time-tested wisdom. Unfortunately, many of today's herbal and natural products are missing the key factor that governs it's success: and that is balance! The truth of the matter is that unbalanced herbal combinations may actually be harmful to your body. Because of this, we have made it our mission to comb the globe and obtain products from various formulators that have created a precision in their formulas that can achieve the optimum results - safely and naturally. It is not only in the purity and combination of herbs, but also the ratio of these components that make these products so effective. Some call it the science of ancient herbology!

The Life Tree

Special Featured
Health Solutions:

Purify Complete
Parasite Cleanse

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#1 Rated in the Marketplace
Parasites in Humans
Could parasites be feeding on you?

Studies show that over 85% of us have them!

"In terms of numbers there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa."
Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health.

"Other prominent physicians agree with me; that in human history, the organism challenge is likely the most unrecognized of all endemic problems."
Dr. Ross Andersen, N.D.

Daily Complete Supplement
(415+ Nutrients)

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#1 Rated in the Marketplace
The ULTIMATE 100% Natural,
Daily Nutritionally Complete
Liquid Vitamin/Mineral/Enzyme + more Comprehensive Dietary Supplement!

IntraMAX™ is the superior all-in-one 100% organic liquid microcomplexed mineral & multivitamin supplement, and much more! It contains 70+ organic trace minerals along with other health-promoting 'super foods', herbs, fruits, vegetables, probiotics, amino acids; totaling more than 415+ essential nutrients in each and every serving. Simply stated; IntraMAX™ is the MOST scientifically advanced, clinically proven, health-promoting 100% all-natural daily complete liquid nutritional supplement available!

Why settle for anything less than 100% naturally pure & nutritionally complete?

Colon Cleansing

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#1 Rated in the Marketplace
Cleanse & restore your colon
Back to natural health

The key to good health starts in the colon!

"More than 65 different health challenges are caused by a toxic colon."
Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain

"Infirmity and sickness is the result of allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waste matter."
Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D.

"Auto-intoxication can be the cause of, or a contributing factor, for much of the suffering that people experience today as chronic symptoms."
Dr. Ross Andersen, N.D.

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